January 20, 2016

Slim Aarons, Curling at St. Moritz, 1963. Get it HERE.

I’m hunkering down in NYC this weekend, planning to do some haute hibernation for the first snowstorm of the season, although there will necessarily be rooftop snow angel sessions and winter waterfront walks peppered with pub pauses HERE and HERE.

If you’re still wondering what to do (beyond catching up on every TV series you never have time to watch and the always-glamorous shoveling), here are a few suggestions:

READ: THIS and do some pre Spring cleaning.

DO: Laundry. (if you simply must, do it with THIS, my current favorite that landed from Europe less than a year ago)

WATCH:  Work on your snow white tan with THIS.

DRINK: THIS spiked with THIS in THIS

EAT: Get delivery from HERE

SHOP: Snuggle in THESE

BEAUTIFY: Slather on THIS (healthy hydration for break-out prone skin like mine). Then chill out with THESE (my pre-morning-TV essential).

DISCOVER: THIS portable device.



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