Gray days call for cool capes

February 3, 2016  |  Financial District, NYC

By the time February rolls around, I’m already thinking pink and browsing (aka shopping) kaftans and spring sandals. My enthusiasm for my winter wardrobe wanes soon after Christmas, because by then I’ve overindulged in plaid, velvet and wintry hues.

The exception to that rule is the color gray, which always seems appropriate, especially in the form of this awesome wool cape (paired here with a Vamp-esque lip hue for a little glam factor).


Let me tell you about this Étoile Isabel Marant cape. I love this cape. I found it (on sale!) back in 2001 (pre-euro, so it was a serious steal) at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche in Paris, long before Isabel Marant was a household name amongst global fashionistas. Capes were also not a “thing” when I scored this piece, and the tie-neck and dramatic hem instantly made me feel like a French fashion superhero, most definitely with a certain je ne sais quoi, nevermind that I’m a New Yorker avec a terrible French accent, despite eight years of French classes.

Like this cape, I have a lot of tried-and-true favorites in my closet. I shop a lot (“My name is Katrina Szish, and I’m a shopaholic.”), but my shopping style is highly curatorial – I rarely go on shopping sprees, nor do I go on specific shopping trips for a season or an event. I’m always on the hunt for special, unique pieces, often with a whimsical appeal. Those pieces often have unfamiliar labels, and they are almost always on sale (one of my questionable “gifts” is an uncanny knack for finding AMAZING bargains. ALL. THE. TIME.).

So when you’re checking out SHOP THE LOOK at the bottom of these posts and see a slew of “similar” links, please know that’s because I am always shopping my own closet and unearthing fab finds from years past, but will always do my best to find pieces that resonate for you.

In keeping with the gray theme, I kept things easy for this look with gray skinnies and gray suede pumps (both also several years old). I added a Stuart Weitzman laser-cut bag scored at a sample sale last year and my favorite pair of new handmade sunglasses from the fabulous New Orleans based label Krewe du Optic (I think I wear them in almost every post…that must mean it’s time to buy a new pair!).


Get one of my “sale shopping strategy” tips by hovering over the A&S TIP icon below.








Krewe sunglasses  |  Vintage stud earrings (similar)  |  Isabel Marant Etoile cape (similar, low; similar, high)  |  J. Crew cashmere sweater  |  Stuart Weitzman bag (similar)  |  Genetic Denim jeans (similar)  |  Saint Laurent pumps (similar)  |  NARS Train Bleu Matte Velvet Lip Pencil


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