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March 17, 2016

I am thrilled to welcome the JOH SKINCARE AND BEAUTY TEAM as guest bloggers this week to share five essential travel products and how to use them, because determining the best “air-care” skin routine is no easy feat. Conceived in Paris and based in Canada, this innovative skincare company embraces a holistic approach to skincare, and their brand identity is founded upon the words “luxurious, classy and powerful” — thus, a natural complement to the Anchors & Sirens ethos of living life with style


“We LOVE to travel anytime, anywhere.  We DON’T love how being at 36,000 feet can take a huge toll on our skin and energy levels.”

— JOH Skincare and Beauty Team


You’re exposed to dry cabins, long sleepless flights and you’re far, far away from your own bathroom and beauty routine.  Not to mention the terrible choice of meals that are neither delicious nor nutritious (we will address bring-on-board snacks in another post on our JOH Skincare blog soon).  However, practice makes perfect, and we are PROS at making sure we keep our skin landing-strip ready.  Many travel-focused beauty blogs will tell you to do a mask when you land and rehydrate your skin.  However, our philosophy and approach to this — and all other skin-related issues — is more proactive…we take steps to prevent your skin from ever getting dehydrated.

Did you know that the conditions in a cabin are drier than the SAHARA DESERT!?  So don’t forget to drink a lot of water during your flight and try to avoid alcohol.  But those are the obvious suggestions. Below, check out our five travel beauty essentials (carry-on ready) and how we like to use them.  If you follow our tips and tricks, when you arrive at your destination you will find that your skin will feel (and look) just as hydrated as it was when you started your journey.



1. Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Face Mask, $42

You should always do a deep moisturizing mask either the night before or the day of your scheduled travel.  We suggest the Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque which is great for all skin types since it’s extremely gentle.  We love this one because it’s a gel mask that cools and calms your skin leaving you with a silky complexion.  It’s oil-free and packed with vitamin C and E, so it will hydrate your skin for the long haul.




2. JOH Essential Serum, $155

Start the day with a few extra glasses of water in preparation for the sky-high dry environment. Next, apply your JOH Serum (now available online here) as usual, and pack it in your carry-on for reapplication during your flight. Don’t worry, it’s travel friendly and passes all TSA liquid travel regulations.  The double dose of hyaluronic acid attracts moisture and locks in hydration.  It absorbs quickly and makes your skin feel unimaginably touchable and soft (think velvet!). On a long flight we re-apply the serum every 2-3 hours.




3. Neutrogena Clear Face Lotion SPF 30, $11.50

After using your JOH serum,, apply a broad spectrum SPF of 30 or higher.  Why, you ask? Because you will be 36,000 feet closer to the UV rays than you were on the ground, and no, the window glass doesn’t protect you!  A 2015 study by the National Institute of Health found that pilots and cabin crew have approximately twice the incidence of melanoma compared to the general population.  That’s no joke!  We apply the Neutrogena Clear Face SPF 30, which is lightweight and doesn’t leave your face feeling greasy.  Plus, it’s oil and and fragrance free and absorbs quickly. Once you’ve protected your skin from damaging UV rays with sunscreen, apply your favorite day cream.



4. Fresh Rose Floral Toner, $40

This gentle floral water revitalizes your skin, leaving it feeling moisturized and calm.  We initially starting using this as a refreshing and moisturizing spritz when our faces felt dry, but we recently discovered all the other benefits of rose water. Rose water is packed with antioxidants and vitamins and has so many useful properties for skincare which you can read about here!  Some include its ability to balance and cleanse oily skin as well as soothe irritated skin.  We have found it to be such a refreshing addition to our travel routine.  Not only do we find our skin has a nice dewy glow post-spritz, but rose water also has mood-enhancing properties which are perfect for combatting travel stressors.



5. Visine Tears Long Lasting Dry Eye Relief, $8.99

They don’t call it a red eye flight for nothing.  Pack a bottle of eye drops.  Not only does your skin get dehydrated during travel, but your eyes do as well which can cause you to rub them frequently (read: this causes more lines!).  We also want to avoid putting our hands on our faces — or in our eyes — since traveling means you are surrounded by bacteria and germs.  To keep our eyes moist we always have our Visine Dry Eye Relief in our carry-on; it is formulated to keep your eyes lubricated for up to 10 hours and works like a charm!  This step in our travel routine makes us feel more awake when we land since we’re not struggling to pry our eyes open following a snooze in an over-air-conditioned cabin.


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