The jewelry designer you need to know, and less isn't always more

October 3, 2016  |  New York, New York


Art Cooper — the late, great editor in chief of GQ and my mentor — frequently said (paraphrasing an old adage): “Style, like God, is in the details.” In fact, it was such a Cooper era mantra, that I recall incorporating it in the title of a fashion feature eons ago when I was an editor there. I know I have shared these words here before, but their poignancy bears repeating.

I tend to refrain from excessive accessorizing (accessories being “the details”), only because it never looks quite right on me. But, I know many stylish women who can pile it on and achieve an effortlessly elegant look — whereas I look like I got caught playing dress up in the VOGUE fashion closet. So, when I find bold accessories that actually do work on me, I feel the need to shout it from the rooftops and share my great finds with all of you. Instead of taking to the rooftops, I took a walk across the street and had my hubby snap a few pictures. Scroll down to get the scoop on the most amazing jewelry designer, a super cool belt (under $100), a wear-with-everything crossbody bag and the sexiest, strappiest shoes.

The Earrings.

Meet Heather Hawkins: A California-based jewelry designer who manages to capture the elusive balance of “eclectic elegance” in her extensive collection of architectural-yet-delicate pieces incorporating rough-cut stones, yellow-, rose- and white-gold and an extensive variety of globally-sourced, nature-inspired artifacts (think abalone, drusy quartz, Peruvian opal, fossilized shark teeth, pearls, onyx). Note her amazing necklace designs, which are meant to be worn individually or layered (for reasons outlined above, I prefer to wear one at a time). Even better, the entire collection is handmade in the USA, and prices are joyfully affordable. Here I’m wearing the Gold Dagger Thread Thru Earrings (18k gold plate over 14k gold fill, $138) and a Herkimer Diamond Stud ($108).  [Hover over the A&S Tip icon at the bottom of the page to find out what a Herkimer diamond is!]. I also have the Torn Apart Stud Earrings, and I wear them constantly. They give the look of multiple piercings without further traumatizing ones parents (or children!) by getting additional permanent holes (note: I was forbidden to get my ears pierced until I turned 21 but managed to get the ruling modified on my 16th birthday…and then quickly proceeded to get a second hole in my left ear.)


The Belt.

This Alpachura belt is preppy-Boho-chic (with a definitive wink to the 80s) at its best. I purchased this belt on prep-mecca Tuckernuck but made my way to the Alpachura website and learned that this e-shop’s limited edition selection of accessories are handmade by fair trade cooperatives in France, Africa and Latin America. And, at $78, it is a true treasure. (I got one a few sizes larger than usual so I can wear it around my hips with low-slung boyfriend jeans). If you want to go a bit larger — these belts run small — check out the identical men’s stash here: 

And, another Heather Hawkins jewelry cameo: behold the Lotus Pearl Cuff bracelet


The Bag.

This is the Coach Saddle Bag 23. I was hesitant to buy an all-white bag, but since it’s a crossbody and not a satchel, I’ve managed to keep it (mostly) spotless. Simple, easy, chic. Voila.


The Shoes. 

Sure, as the Editorial Director at Stuart Weitzman I am a bit biased when it comes to shoes, but you all know I wouldn’t feature something I didn’t genuinely love. Like these LEGWRAP sandals. These are from last season (I know…gasp!), but the newest incarnation — the MYEX — is even sexier, and it comes in denim (!!!), red suede and black suede. Your holiday party shoes have officially been found. You’re welcome.


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