The top coat that's a manicure miracle

October 6, 2016

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I am a self-declared Chip Magnet — aka a manicure’s worst nightmare.

Before I’m even out of the salon I’ve dented, smudged or otherwise marred my mani. If I do make it home — or even overnight — chips magically appear, as if drawn to the flawless finish. At first I thought gel manicures were sent from the beauty gods just for me, but after experiencing the damage they cause (weak, brittle nails that last for months!), I knew I had to stop. So, imagine my complete and utter joy when I (skeptically) tried Chanel’s LE GEL COAT top coat and MY REGULAR MANICURE LASTED FOR MORE THAN A WEEK (no UV light or contraptions required). In fact, it was still intact after two weeks with only minor, imperceptible wear on the tips (no chips!), and my nails stayed strong and healthy.




I especially love all those dark, dramatic, brooding fall/winter hues, but chips instantly ruin the look. I’m currently wearing this dark purple shade, and this revamped Vamp-inspired burgundy is next on my list. I am a Chanel Le Vernis loyalist, but Le Gel Coat works with other brands of nail polish, too. I just carry it in my bag and ask the manicurist to use it instead of the standard top coat. It also dries fast which dramatically reduces the chance of mani malfunctions while still in the salon. In fact, I’m so enamored with Le Gel Coat that I also bought the Base Coat, primarily because I like things in matched sets, but also because it smooths and protects nails thanks to its Vitamin E and Argan Oil formula and makes nails harder with continued use (Chanel’s research states that after two weeks nails are 49% stronger).

Would love to hear if you love it as much as I do!



Images above from Chanel

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5 thoughts on “BEAUTY BUZZ: THIS WORKS!

  1. You had me at chip magnet! I just ordered through your link so easy took less than 2 minutes! Can’t wait to try!

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