Katrina Szish is a television host & correspondent, media personality and lifestyle & fashion journalist. She is a red carpet regular and entertainment reporter at the Oscars, Emmys and Golden Globes. She is a published writer, prolific content creator, spokesperson and public speaker.


Currently, Katrina shares her fashion and pop culture expertise on a variety of national networks and programs including Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Wendy Williams Show, Inside Edition, CNN, FOX News and FOX Business. She has been a fashion video host for Hearst Digital, the host of Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty television series and the Editorial Director for legendary shoe designer Stuart Weitzman.


Katrina was previously a lifestyle correspondent for CBS News’ The Early Show, a fashion correspondent for TBS, an entertainment and style anchor for ABC News Now, a freelance correspondent for E! (where she made multiple appearances as a Fashion Police panelist) and a co-host on the Food Network. Her interior design projects have been featured on NBC’s Open House and on the Nate Berkus Show, and she was the first on-air national style correspondent for both UsWeekly and InStyle magazines. Prior to her broadcast career, she held senior positions at VOGUE and GQ magazines as a writer and editor. She has styled fashion editorials, ad campaigns and television segments, and she has been commissioned as a personal shopper for private clients.



Anchors & Sirens is designed to be a destination for inspiration on how to live life with style. It celebrates all that is fun and fabulous from fashion to interiors, from beauty to travel, from shopping to champagne, and from the city to the shore. All content is original and concepted, curated and executed exclusively by Katrina as an extension of her unique style point-of-view and with the goal of being honest, authentic, inspirational and aspirational.



I have wanted to start a lifestyle blog for years, but I kept getting stuck (i.e. scared) because I was concerned that I didn’t have enough of a distinct personal style. This may seem like a ridiculous concern considering I’ve been a fashion girl my entire life, I’ve dedicated much of my career to fashion, and I am widely respected as a fashion expert whose opinion on trends, style and shopping is sought out on national television, online, in print and by numerous fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. But, I wondered, how could I build a blog around my style when it’s so inconsistent? When it ranges from glam to tomboy to high fashion to quirky to preppy to BoHo? When one day I’m all about bows and polka dots, and the next day all I want to wear is ripped jeans and a leather motorcycle jacket? How could I write a “focused” blog when my heart (and resulting divergent wardrobe and interior design sensibilities) simultaneously belongs to New York City and the seaside town of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware? My concern was only magnified as I thought about the industry luminaries I’ve worked with over the past two decades — Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Camillia Nickerson, Art Cooper, Jim Moore, Kate Young, Andre Leon Tally, Robert Verdi, Miss Jay Alexander – all of whom have unequivocal personal style, unmistakable uniforms and a definitive aesthetic that extends from their closets to their homes and everything in between. I was a fashion insider, but I felt like a misfit, and I was often very hard on myself for not having a “look.”


But a few months ago — on the subway of all places — it hit me: I do have a look. I do have a distinct style. All of these disparate elements and seeming contradictions and split fashion  personalities are exactly what make my style singular. Instead of trying to put myself in a box, I realized it is ok – no, it’s great! – to be exactly who I am and to share my inspirations, discoveries, projects, passions and style authentically and exactly as they are, rather than trying to be who I think other people want or expect me to be.


I chose the title Anchors & Sirens because it has multiple layers and multiple meanings. I love the ocean and anchor iconography, so that is an obvious denotation. I am also a TV host and correspondent – thus another connotation of “anchor.” The word “siren” is a reference to the sea (the sirens were beautiful creatures who dangerously lured sailors with their songs), but it is also a reference to the sirens that are part of the daily soundtrack of life in New York City.


I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy creating it, and I hope it inspires you to have fun with fashion and style and, most importantly, to embrace – and celebrate — whatever it is that makes YOUR personal style unique.

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